Celebrating Success: POP This! Recognised as 'Highly Commended' at the Better Business Awards

We are thrilled to share that POP This!, a top retail display and packaging company, has recently been recognized by the Better Business Partnership (BBP) Better Business Awards. This is our first nomination since joining the BBP in 2019 and we are incredibly proud to announce that we were named finalists. At the awards evening, we were honored with the recognition of "Highly Commended" as the runner-up in the competitive "Office and Professional Services" category. This achievement is a testament to our steadfast commitment to sustainable practices and our ongoing efforts to make a positive impact in our industry.

The judges of the Better Business Awards were impressed by our determination to challenge the status quo in an industry often associated with wasteful consumerism. They commended our commitment to opting for more sustainable options, influencing our clients and suppliers to make environmentally conscious choices in packaging and product selection. Notably, they recognised our numerous waste reduction and recycling projects implemented within our office. Moreover, they were impressed by our pursuit of becoming a B Corporation (BCorp), a testament to our dedication to meeting the highest social and environmental performance standards.

At POP This!, we firmly believe that as a business operating in the retail display and packaging industry, we are responsible for driving positive change and inspiring others to follow suit. We have consciously challenged conventional practices and demonstrated that sustainable solutions are both viable and effective. By influencing our clients and suppliers, we strive to foster a more sustainable ecosystem within our industry, where environmental considerations are at the forefront of decision-making.

Receiving the "Highly Commended" recognition at the Better Business Awards validates our ongoing sustainability efforts. We are immensely proud of our team for their dedication and innovation in implementing waste reduction and recycling initiatives. This achievement further strengthens our resolve to continue exploring new avenues to minimize our environmental impact and promote a circular economy for packaging.

We are grateful for the recognition bestowed upon us by the Better Business Awards and the encouraging feedback from the judges. This acknowledgement energizes us to forge ahead with even greater determination to make a difference. Our journey towards becoming a sustainable business does not end here; it serves as a catalyst for further growth and progress.

Visit https://www.bbp.org.au/ for more information about the Better Business Partnership.